Y&Z Automatic Tourniquet System Otomatik Turnikeler

Otomatik Turnikeler-Automatic Tourniquet System

Automatic Tourniquet System

Y&Z Automatic Tourniquet System Otomatik Turnikeler

Kategori: Otomatik Turnikeler

Marka: Y&Z

Technical features:  

1. Large capacity CPU full microcomputer intelligent design, digital display  

2. Main and secondary channels of gas output, can work separately  

3. Automatic compensation of working pressure and automatic maintenance of power loss pressure  

4. Startup self-test, fault self-test function, sound and light alarm, easy to use  

5. Input power: 110-220VAC, 50-60Hz  

6. Pressure control range: 25-650mmHg  

7. pressure control precision: ≤6mmHg Noise: ≤ 55dB power: ≤30VA  

8. Running time setting: maximum 240min  

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